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> But after I thought about it again, I think half-opened range doesn't really 
> make any senses. The ..< operator (and my proposed ..> operator) should be 
> removed. Or we have to accept the consequences that we also need the other 
> accompanying operators. The … operator with optional `step` attribute that is 
> able to go both ways is more important that half-opened range operator. 

This came up before on the list from whence I get the link


which justifies both why numbering starts at 0 and why the ..< operator is the 
most useful one. Th tl;dr version is that in a..< b you can find out how many 
integers are in the range with a - b and easily specify an empty range. With a 
… b you have to do a - b + 1 which is ugly and it is also problematic if you 
want to specify an empty range.

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