I meant to bring this up a bit ago but just came across it again.

I find this to not read properly:

button.setTitle("Test", for: .normal) //for normal what?

The for argument is really only clear in meaning when you are typing it out and 
see that it is a UIControlState type. While reading it without this context is 
it as clear? .normal doesn't seem descriptive enough on its own.

Contrast this with UISegmentedControl:
segmented.dividerImage(forLeftSegmentState: .normal, rightSegmentState: 
.normal, barMetrics: .default)

Here the parameter labels are needed because there needs to be a distinction in 
the method between left and right. But here it is not forLeft: or forRight: it 
is the much more clear forLeftSegmentState:

So my question is: why was this not setTitle(forControlState:) or 
forButtonState, etc...?

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