Hi All,
Today I was writing code and faced a situation where I need to make a
instance variable a const i.e. it shouldn't accept new values from anywhere
but the problem is that I want it's content to be mutable.


class MyClass {
  var myDict = [String : String]()

I want above variable to be constant and if I make it like below

class MyClass {
  let myDict = [String : String]()

Then I cann't add key/value in the myDict like

   self.myDict["name"] = "Rathore"

I know swift and couldn't find anything related to this.

Can anybody help me?

If there is no such method of doing it then I would suggest to either use a
syntax like

class MyClass {
  const var myDict = [String : String]()

I'm not using *final *here since that make a var not overridable.

Best regards,
Inder Kumar Rathore
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