Hi, Swift community!  I apologize for the delay in reporting our decision here; 
between one holiday and the other, it took awhile for the core team to assemble 
a quorum to talk through this.

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The second review of SE-0187 “Introduce Sequence.filterMap(_:)” ran from 
November 15...20, 2017.  The result of the first review was consensus to rename 
the method, and the purpose of the second review was to get more specific 
feedback on what the new name should be.

"filterMap" is a name with some precedent in other programming languages, 
especially functional ones, but some people felt strongly that the name was 
misleading because, as a combined operation, it wasn't quite a filter or a map. 
 Of the alternatives, the one with the strongest support seemed to be 
"compactMap", which builds on the precedent of "compact", an operation from 
other languages (notably Ruby) which returns a copy of the input without nil 
values.  Swift does not currently have such an operation, and in fact it is not 
currently possible to express it; nonetheless, the core team agrees that it 
would be a reasonable operation to add, and that "compactMap" is a good name 
for the operation.

Therefore, SE-0187 is accepted, with the revision that the new name be 
Sequence.compactMap(_:), and with the agreement that we will add 
Sequence.compact() when it is possible to do so.

Thank you all for your continued contributions to making Swift a better 

John McCall
Review Manager 
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