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>> What is the use-case for a type conforming to this protocol but returning 
>> nil?  If there is a use case for that, why not have such an implementation 
>> return “self” instead?
> I assumed it could be used if a type’s playground representation was 
> variable. For instance:
> enum MyUnion
> {
>     case string(String)
>     case image(UIImage)
>     case none
> }
> In its implementation of CustomPlaygroundRepresentable, it could return a 
> string if case string, an image if case image, or return nil if case none to 
> just do whatever is the default for enum values. 
> Admittedly the above is a very contrived example, but I do think it is 
> important to allow types to opt-out.

You should just be able to return ‘self' in that case?


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