Hi all,

I was missing a small tool somewhat akin to npm (specifically npm's search and 
install functionality) for the swift ecosystem so I spent some time writing 
something to fill that gap. I'd really love some feedback on the idea and 
usability :)

The basic idea is that it's hard to find suitable packages when writing a swift 
library or executable. There is no single centralized listing of all packages 
(packagecatalog.com and swiftmodules.com can only have *so* current data), so 
this tool queries GitHub's API directly for repos written in Swift that include 
a file named Package.swift. It offers ways to search for packages, display more 
info about them and add them to your package manifest.

You can find the project here: https://github.com/kiliankoe/apodidae

It conveniently installs as `swift-catalog` so that you can run it like a 
subcommand of swift itself as `swift catalog`. The basic interaction is also 
shown in the README in more detail.

There's still quite a few rough edges and the code definitely needs some 
cleanup, it's more of a test than something that should be depended on at this 
point I guess :P


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