Hi, swing-dev.

I see there's a lot of work going on to make Swing work well with HiDPI/Retina 
displays, including the new MultiResolutionImage API ( 
http://openjdk.java.net/jeps/251 ).

It's now up to application developers to provide icons and other image assets 
in multiple resolutions. My bet is that many of these newly designed assets are 
going to be designed as vector art (e.g. Adobe Illustrator), which will 
currently need to be manually rasterized down to PNG files of the different 
required resolutions.

Are there any plans or existing RFEs for allowing Swing to load SVG files from 
its existing APIs (e.g. "new ImageIcon(URL)")? I searched the OpenJDK JIRA and 
JEP 251 but could not find any mention of this. I think SVG support would make 
it easier for application developers to supply icons that look good at all 
resolutions. SVG support is now standard in all the big web browsers.

Some existing approaches involving use of the external Batik library can be 
seen on 

-- Eirik

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