One big problem I see with this is that it means they will only be available under the GPL license
as they will not be in an Oracle JDK which strips the GPL

So if you are going to do this then these files first need to be dual-licensed
because otherwise people can't link their commercial products with these.


On 10/14/2016 08:51 AM, Pete Brunet wrote:
Please review the following.

The .h files and .c file provided to allow Assistive Technology to
interface to the Java Access Bridge API are being removed from the built
JRE/JDK images.  They are not used much and they can be obtained online
via the OpenJDK web site.  The pubs will be updated to mention the
location of the files.

Since there is a .c file in this group of files the directory structure
has been changed slightly to remove the include directory.

There was one file missing from the group of files needed by developers
and that was moved from the common to the bridge directory.

The make was updated in response to the above.



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