For domain toaster of that size, qmail-ldap is a nice solution, but
software seems to be orphaned now, as soon as some major SMTP enhancements
come in I am afraid qmail will slowly die out.

As some have already mentioned, the Maildir format used by Qmail is
suboptimal for handling large boxes, expecially with IMAP, I would
strongly advise to use IMAP daemon which features caching mechanisms, such
as Cyrus IMAP. Cyrus is great plus you get Sieve server side filtering but
it is a challenge to get it working with Qmail, especially with virtual

If you go with some non-caching IMAP daemon like courier, then it might
make sence to setup IMAP Proxy too which would keep alife the IMAP
connections for let`s say 2 min and reuse it for same user, so new IMAP
processes do not have to be spawned and mailboxes rescanned every time web
mail refreshes. Of course this hogs memory but is useful sometimes,
especially if users have thousands of mails.

Frontend: Squirrelmail. By far most powerful web based MUA out there IMHO.
Also very easy to ehnance, we wrote a LDAP control panel to it for
example, so users can setup aliases, forwarders and away messages
themselves. (Contact me offlist if you want it, I can send it to you).



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> Hello!
> Just wanted to ask what setup you use or recommend for large
> scale sites (~10k users, some hundreds of imap(s), smtp, webmail
> connections, about 5-10 mails incoming and outgoing per second):
> - what smtpd? why?
> - what mail retrieval solution for which protocol?
> - if you offer webmail, what do you use?
> - it should be *nix software, preferable FOSS (free and open source
>   software)
> - Which Antispam / Antivirus "protection" do you use?
>   And what is the success rate?
> I'm personally deep into qmail+patches+patches+patches of patches
> plus courier and dovecot.
> The problem with qmail is that you need either a big patchset or
> a once patched setup and reuse that. Plus qmail really has
> some not-so-nice bugs.
> On the other hand, there seems to be no MTA out there, that can be
> configured so easy like qmail (ever created a mail addr with
> "cp .qmail-template .qmail-domain-user" with another MTA?).
> Oh, btw, "froehliche Weihnachten"
> Nico
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> ``...if there's one thing about Linux users, they're do-ers, not
> whiners.''
> (A quotation of Andy Patrizio I completely agree with)
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