Please contact Brocade TAC which is able to provide a patch
It is NOT been seen with customers using releases below 5.9.00


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Subject: [swinog] Brocade MLXe: Random Linecard Reboot - anyone else?

Friday night we observed several Brocade MLXe linecards rebooting (several 
locations, i.e. Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Geneva), which caused network instability 
due to flapping iBGP etc.

As of now we know that iWay and suffered from similar issues in the 
same time window, and we believe that they use also Brocade MLXe.

Tonight around 4 a.m. symptoms occurred again, on a lesser degree. 
reports it too.

For reference the tickets:

Did anyone else observed similar symptoms?

Since these routers operate in various locations and ASNs but are the same 
make/model I suppose it's a software security issue. Can malicious packets 
force a linecard reboot?


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