Thats why i mentuoned to train techis and your argunent was its a management 
problem :)

About mandatory how come then  .. Sorry to point to 
Wikipedia .. But been on cell only i dont have the proper doc at hand

Em 20 de setembro de 2016 07:09:10 AMT, Jeroen Massar <> 
>On 2016-09-20 13:00, Roger Schmid wrote:
>> Just one .. Dropping MTU handling and point to layer7 should handle
>> doesnt let you feel strange ? So how could an app handle packet size
>> thru L4 ?
>Both IPv4 and IPv6 have this little protocol called ICMP (+ICMPv6) it
>very useful and for IPv6 it is mandatory.
>Even Google (who force MSS to magic values) and Cloudflare had issues
>with that too:
>That does not make IPv6 broken though, that makes people who think they
>have to filter the wrong things broken.
>Misconfigurations is not something a protocol can solve.
>> My experience is soma pages ar crawling like a snake .. Some ar not
>> loading complete at all,
>> for me v6 is still not ready to deploy to the masses as at least the
>> mentioned flaw is a show stopper
>I can find many many sites in IPv4 that are brokenly configured. That
>does not make IPv4 broken.
>That you find weird excuses that are already solved for well over 15
>years of deployment (even 6bone as shut down 10 years ago....)
>Maybe, as it is 2016, time to actually start deploying!?
> Jeroen

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