Well the point wasn't a personal purchase point.

But taking the viewpoint of "someone" who may be deploying / deciding on the deployment of IPv6 in the enterprise, BYOD, etc environments.

With one in two SmartPhones in CH Android, the advice of telling 50% of your customers / users to "go Apple" may not be the best approach for convincing such a "someone".

Seriously, any proposed solutions / approaches (besides requesting google to change their mind), that have actually been used somewhere, would be welcomed?

Cheers JIm

On 20.09.2016 16:24, Jeroen Massar wrote:
On 2016-09-20 15:58, Jim Romaguera wrote:
On 20.09.2016 15:40, Jeroen Massar wrote:
Anybody has a proper excuse? :)
No I don't have an excuse but interested in the communities (& your)
opinion re your challenge...

o DHCPv6 re Android re enterprise, BYOD, PWLAN, etc environments

Is a problem or was a problem / no problem at all?
One person at Google decided that they do not want to properly want to
support IPv6 even though people have been asking for it...

etc etc

And even if they finally change their mind:
you will never get the correct version on the devices....

I am still waiting for the new 7.x to pop up on that chart ;)
I mean, it is only out for a month now...

Hey look, IOS 10.x is at 25% already:
while that was released, what, a week ago? :)

Hence, just buy a different device, Android is hopeless...


.... well CyanogenMod might be useful, but they do not have DHCPv6
either afaik...

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