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IoT Security and the Role of the Thing Manufacturer | Eliot Lear (Cisco

While there are predictions of 50bn connected devices by 2020, we do not
know how to count the number of types of things.  Mechanisms are needed to
facilitate connectivity of these devices in a safe and secure way.  Both
manufacturers and network managers can take steps to see that devices remain
secure.  This presentation will discuss those roles and two emerging
concepts: a bootstrapping mechanism called ANIMA, and way to describe what
communications a device is designed to have known as Manufacturer Usage


StackStrom & ChatOps | David Gee (Brocade)

Thank you to the internet, we have a button that can be used to order
anything from Amazon. Facebook receives millions of pictures a day (mostly
of cats doing things) and Twitter has infiltrated main stream media.
Enterprise IT is falling like an empire once great, almost crumbling within
from the pressure of change.


Simplify the lifecycle of your cloud with Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP) |
Ivan Ostojic (Juniper)

Mirantis brings their Openstack solution with MCP to a next level. To
dramatically simplify the lifecycle process, MCP introduces containers
orchestrated by Kubernetes. Additionally, a much more scalable SDN
controller was needed whereby MCP replaced OVS Neutron by Juniper
OpenContrail. This session will explain why Mirantis was looking for a new
architecture and covers the details about MCP itself.


Why you should take care of the network(s) around you or DDoS Suckz | Will
van Gulik (IP-Max SA)

Lesson learned from a DDoS at the end of 2015, and best practice to
implement to make internet a better place.


SwissIX Update | Ulf Kieber (SwissIX)

SwissIX Update


Whats new with RRDtool and other stories from Tobi Oetiker GitHub account |

New tweaks and features of RRDtool and some fancy new tools released on my
GitHub account


Swiss NREN protection with DNS RPZ | Matthias Seitz (SWITCH)

SWITCH has introduced a service based on DNS Response Policy Zone in the
Swiss NREN. DNS RPZ extends the DNS with a firewall function that denies
access to malicious domains. With this function, malware infection on users'
devices and requests for phishing sites will be prevented. In addition,
already infected systems can be detected. Furthermore, the user’s awareness
is increased through redirecting the user to an information page.


The DNS Toolbox | Jeroen Massar (Farsight Security, Inc.)

Presenting a DNS Toolbox, various techniques to make your network safer for
you and your users and that you likely already have installed:

- RRL: Response Rate Limiting

- RPZ: Response Policy Zones

- dnstap: Tap the DNS

- Passive DNS: View what the Internet has been doing I'll also explain how
Passive DNS does involve minimal PII in the labels, but due to the location
where one dnstaps does not affect privacy.


RFC3021 | Silvan M. Gebhardt (Openfactory)

I would like to share some of my experience with RFC3021 and I would like to
hear a bit from the crowd how they stand to it and why and what they know
about it.


How scary is DNSSEC? | Massimiliano Stucchi (RIPE NCC)

DNSSEC is a set of extensions for DNS to make it more secure.

It involves cryptography, PKI, and a new set of tools to manage it.

This talk tries to demistify all the myths about DNSSEC and show that it
actually is simpler than it sounds by introducing some of the basics and
providing a live example of two key rollovers on a real domain name done on


How to increase availability using ExaBGP | André Keller & Manuel Schweizer
(VSHN & CloudScale.ch AG)


Social Event | Everyone (SwiNOG Community)

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