In Lausanne, there is - well, at least it was, few years ago - a group of 
sys-admin and network geeks doing that already every Mondays, the event was 
called "eachmonday".   As I don't live in Lausanne anymore, I don't know if 
it's still exist.  People from Lausanne or Geneva on this list may confirm.

About the Zurich events, and also the remark of Klaus: I work sometimes in 
Zurich but unfortunately my German is a disaster, is there any non-german 
speaking people coming sometimes?

By the way, I wish you all a festive holiday season and a wonderful new year.
See you in 2017,

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> - Different format? Different locations? Different agenda?

May I suggest a bit more diversity? Zurich is nice, but there are probably many 
SwiNOGgers who can't just take a "quick" trip to ZH on a regular working day.

How about Bern, Lausanne, Basel, St. Gallen, or somewhere else once in a while?

All the best,

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