On 01/03/2017 03:09 PM, Mike Kellenberger wrote:
> We are seeing problems with greylisting in mails coming from UPC
> mailservers. After receiving our "451 Greylisting" response, we never
> see a retry of the mail again. The sender does not receive an NDR. We
> have seen this behaviour from the servers at 84.116.36.xxx. Other
> servers for example the ones in the range 62.179.121.xxx are retrying
> correctly.
Now that you mention that...

I have seen the same behaviour since January 1.:

reject: RCPT from vie01a-dmta-ch02-1.mx.upcmail.net[]: 450 4.=

and then was never seen again (at least with that mail) and alos  never
sent a NDR at all.

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