hi all,

I'm preparing a new release of Torrus software, and it will replace
BerkeleyDB back-end with Git.

It appears that libgit2 provides a new, a bit tricky in learning, but very
efficient object storage, and change tracking is available out of the box.

In general, you can read and write your data objects directly in the Git
repository, without the need of checking in and out the files in your
filesystem. Also the objects can be automatically compacted, and that
allows storing millions of objects without too much load on the filesystem
resources and inode count.

Of course it's not a fully blown database, and not even something like
MongoDB, but it really is usable and convenient for document storage

Here are few working examples of using libgit2 (particularly, with its Perl
binding, but it's similar in other programming languages):

Also, the new Torrus branch, and changes document:

If there's interest in the topic, I will prepare a presentation for the
next Swinog meeting.

Stanislav Sinyagin
Senior Consultant, CCIE #5478
+41 79 407 0224
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