Update on the Problem.

I got two replies, one yesterday stating, that the problem is about our
side, that the UPC servers rotate between 3 IP addresses and this
causes problems with greylisting.

=> Fact: Already last week I told them I see those 3 IP Addresses
from within the same /24 and that our greylisting implementation
considers IPv4 within /24 and IPv6 within /64 as 'same', but that the
problem was, that UPC does never retry to re-send the email after the
first attempt.

=> So the UPC Techs obviously stil didn't read my reply.

The reply also stated, that the UPC servers retry to send the email
every 4 hour.

=> Fact: I provided our logs of the case I did not see the servers
re-try. I asked them to check their logs.

=> Obviously the UCP Techs did not look at their logs.

Today I got the simple reply, that the problem was solved and that our
customers should re-try.

So I'm still waiting for a statement on what got wrong and why they
obviously neither ready my reply last week not looked at their logs
after I provided my logs clearly showing the problem.

Did someone else get a clear statement on the issue?

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