if this is still open, talk to the guys from www.exasys.ch, sure they will have 
some solution

cheers josh
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Betreff: [swinog] IaaS in Switzerland dualstacked & BGP for all x86/amd64       

Hello all,

we are looking for an IaaS provider, who can offer:

- dualstack IPv4 and IPv6
- BGP setup to 2 routers (2 VM's on your infra / IaaS platform)
- vlans / "private LANs" (where we have own prefixes / PA's via upper routers)
- able to run not only Linux workloads / prepared images
- able to install VM's via ISO-Images (also Win/xBSD's) (normally only 64bit)
- offers some "HA" - e.g. automatic start of VM on other node in case of 
crashed hypervisor / server etc

- we want to announce v6 prefixes as well as v4/24 prefixes (only a few)

great but not musthave:
- based on opensource platform (backend or completely)
- peers with SwissIX

any hints / offers we are glad to reveice :-)


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