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Freifunk; not a Hotspot solution | Magnus Frühling

Freifunk is a community project, first mentioned 2002, connecting humans all 
over Germany and further. I will present why Freifunk is more than just 
hotspots. Freifunks brings people together and educates them while building an 
open, uncensored and local mesh network.


Open Ethernet Switches - Decoupling Switch Software and Hardware | Arne 
Heitmann (Mellanox)

This presentation gives an introduction and overview to addressing network 
functionality independently from specifically coupled hardware and NOS via open 
APIs and drivers. It discusses the trends and options for using open OSs for 
network operations and will show different architectural models, like ONIE 
(Open Network Install Environment), SwitchDev and others.


DANE/DNSSEC | Daniel Stirnimann (SWITCH-CERT)

Why do we trust an encrypted TLS connection? We trust it because the server 
certificate has been signed by one of the public certificate authorities for 
which your application (e.g. browser) has its public key pre-installed. But can 
we really trust the CAs? And how can we improve TLS encryption for applications 
such as mail where certificate warnings cannot be shown to the user? DANE 
(TLSA) specifies a protocol for publishing TLS server certificate associations 
via DNSSEC. The presentation will show the benefit of authenticated DNS data, 
provide usage guidance for the TLSA record. A brief .CH domain name TLSA 
survey. Summarizes application support for DANE/DNSSEC. Also, a very short demo 
of an unsigned domain take-over to issue a domain validated certificate.


VXLAN - Thinking outside the (DC)Box | Christian Kuster (Huawei)


SwissIX Update | Christian Wittenhorst (SwissIX)

SwissIX Update


Multi-tenancy with EVPN-VxLAN in Open Networking | Attilla de Groot (Cumulus 

Open Networking or "Web scale networking" is the concept where you're no longer 
tied into a single vendor for a network solution. You're free to choose your 
own hardware and software. Cumulus Networks has developed a Linux distribution 
that runs on switches in this concept.

VxLAN has become the default overlay technology in modern datacenter design. 
Vendors have implemented their own control plane for VxLAN tunnels in DCs. The 
EVPN standard (RFC7432) provides a control plane that is interoperable between 

We have implemented EVPN-VxLAN support that allows an overlay network being 
built with BGP as the control plane protocol. At this time, there is support 
for L2 functionalities, but there is ongoing development on support for L3 
features such as VxLAN routing with Multitenancy support.

In this talk these new features will be shown, the details of the protocol and 
the design/security implications for large scale datacenter networks.




L3 Routing to Hypervisor | Vincent Bernat (Exoscale)

A common strategy for hypervisors in cloud is to act as a bridge for the client 
virtual machines. This provides a known environment for clients used to flat 
networks and DHCP. However, this limits scalability and resilience. To solve 
those issues, a hypervisor running Linux can be turned into a BGP-controlled 
router while still exposing a flat L2 network to clients. Presenter is myself. 
I need 30 minutes for talk and live demo. If needed, I can use more time since 
I have a lot of technical details I can share.


Open Slot (to be filled)


Network Automation – Road trip to an automated Network | Urs Baumann (INS - 
Institute for Networked Technology)

SDN is on the top of the hype cycle and its definition gives a lot of room for 
interpretation. But do we really need the whole SDN stack to take advantage of 

Most SDN solutions are anyway based on proven technologies which are well-known 
for many years. In this speech, I will focus on the Network Automation part of 
SDN, I will show you examples of „low hanging fruits", describe ways of how to 
start with the implementation of network automation and how to grow it to a 
fully automated network.


Open Slot (to be filled)


Social Event


Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!




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