Hi Dan, 

Except "Belästigung" I don't think you can do much and unfortunately, I doubt 
it's even going to be worth your time.
The question is, what are you hoping for? 

Three steps to even get anywhere:

1) Someone must disclose the IP - if the mailinglists are off-country it gets 
difficult, and also here. This is not an ususal ÜPF Anfrage anyway, as it's not 
for an "Adressing element" in the first place... so you need to get this IP
2) A Staatsanwalt needs to sign the paperwork to get it to the ÜPF Folks
3) the concerning ISP (given it's a swiss IP anyway) must have logs at all....

tbh, it's no doubt a nuisance, but ... yeah. Not much you can do. 

on the other hand - and if you have, which I hope, if you're on this 
mailinglist, opposed the revision for the ÜPF Revision, and hopefulle had tried 
to help and signed the Referendum, what you're currently suggesting is that you 
now want to make use of the surveillance instrument :)

Just my thoughts on this....


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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 18. Mai 2017 21:13:41
Betreff: [swinog] Advice after hoax

Hey mates,

Sorry for off topic, but I've just got hoaxed by someone by adding one 
of my email addy to quite a number of newsletter lists, manually. Though 
most of them are on opt-in nicely. Seems like I've tread on someones 
toes lately.

However, I am quite curious who it was or, at least, how far infos can 
be discovered. I know, that a legal complaint must be opened that 
information can be disclosed. But what is the reason for the complaint? 
Rather not "Urkundenfälschung" I guess, but what?

Anyone has similar experience and is able to share? Or an advice for the 
complaint? Thanks for your PM.

Best regards,
  - Dan

PS: None of the "Welcome" mails disclose the source IP in any part of 
the message.

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