Hi Swinog

I'm hoping to find free give-away networking gear to run 100-300 People
"hacker camps", like ZeTeCo in two weeks in Schaffhausen. Maybe your
companies have equipment which has fallen short of vendor support to
give away to the poor hacker community?

Switches with 24 Ports Gigabit, and 2 to 4 GBIC/X2/SFP/SFP+ uplinks
would be ideal. We have some Cisco 3560G/3560E series already, which are
great feature-wise, and some PoE cabaple switches, but we need like
10-15 more of each to cover the large camp area.

Surplus 802af power injectors, and fibers (SM and MM), especially long
ones (25m, 50m, 100m), couplers and lasers/modules are also welcome.

Whatever we would receive will be used and pooled in the Chaos Computer
Club community and "affiliates".

Please contact me PM for questions and offers.

Thank you very much!

Claudio Luck

ZeTeCo Camp (wiki.zeteco.ch)
/ Chaos Computer Club Z├╝rich

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