On 29/08/2017 08:54, Philippe Maechler wrote:
> We (AS61174) have some problems with a newer ip range
> <>.
> Customers are complaining that they access the content (e.g. Teleboy,
> Swisscom TV, and many more) from Netherland and therefore the access is
> denied. 

That's because from what I can see, until February, that prefix had been
announced for about a year from Verizon Nederland.

> Can you check your filters and make sure that this range "belongs" to
> switzerland?

It's not that simple.  For example, I see that MaxMind reports the
prefix as being 100% in Dübendorf
(https://stat.ripe.net/widget/geoloc#w.resource=, but
the situation might be different for other Geolocation providers.  I see
that you have a series of more specific objects in the RIPE database.
What I can suggest, in order to help the other providers to pick up the
new location is to add a geoloc: attribute to all of them.  This would
_help_ but won't completely fix the situation.  As they already
suggested, try to go and force the update on all the relevant GeoIP



Massimiliano Stucchi

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