Well i only suspecting your try to use ipsec, wich is a crazy vpn solution.
I would sugest to evaluate ssl based vpn in the future which naturally do not 
run into nat problems.

Just my five cents

Em 27 de outubro de 2017 03:00:18 AMT, WolfSec-Support <supp...@wolfsec.ch> 
>could be someone from swisscom so kind and contact me offlist via email
>our customer has a swisscom dsl connection and last week they changed
>to v6.
>he already tried 3 times via swisscom helpdesk without success.
>the first level seems to have no idea about ds lite and v6... ;-/
>we want to go back to v4 native.
>in customer center we have deactivated v6 - but it is still online via
>and ds-lite
>we did all what was explained:
>- switchoff modem for an hour
>- reboot 3 times router etc
>effectively now the vpn is for sure not working via ds lite and carrier
>grade NAT....
>thanks in advance
>Besten Dank.
>Freundliche Grüsse,
>Swiss Post Box: 104213
>Zürcherstrasse 161
>CH-8010 Zürich

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