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On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 12:57:54PM -0700, Scott Weeks wrote:
> Yeah, it's quite unfortunate that IPv4 ran out so suddenly, 
> barely 15 years after people were told to move towards IPv6.
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> Especially after IETF made it backwards compatible and made
> it so easy to switch from 4 to 6...  ;-)

There's no way to make "something with longer addresses" compatible 
without IPv4 without changing everything (routers, endpoints) - so,
that argument is usually one brought forward as one of a long list of
standard excuses to avoid deploying IPv6, while at the same time 
blaming everyone else for the problems with IPv4.

Note the smiley face above.  This one, too...  :)

I was not around for those discussions (and not being a computer 
science person, nor wanting to go on this for too long as has been 
endlessly done on other lists), but it seems TLV would have allowed
4 to be a subset of the new space.  I never heard that discussed 
much and that's what I meant by my comment.


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