Hi Benoît,

I don't know - but I do find this in their email headers:

X-Bluewin-Spam: Cloudmark

-> https://www.cloudmark.com

At the bottom of that page you can even find the Swisscom logo.

My 2 cents, hope they help!

Gruass, Franco

On 10/31/17 15:08, Benoit Panizzon wrote:
Hello List

A Mailserver from a business customer of ours is blacklisted @ bluewin.
The Error Message from Bluewin MXes directing to the removal site:

Our customer has requested removal via this form, no success.

Our customer has contacted bluewin and opened a trouble ticket. He got
the information that his ISP (us) should take care to remove his IP
from the blacklists, but is not getting any information about which


Blacklisted: 0

We are at a loss. Does anyone know what kind of blacklists bluewin uses?

Kind regards

-Benoît Panizzon-

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