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Agenda for SwiNOG #32 on Tuesday 09.11.2017 on top of Gurten.


Registration ends 03.10.2017 23:59:00, after that - please write us for late 
reg (with extra costs).


We still have time for Lightning Talks, if you’re up for it, you’ll get a free 
voucher for the next event or if submitted before 06.11.2017 – for SwiNOG#32

CHF 100.- for 5 minutes (just saying…)




Sponsor Presentation / tba | tba (Extreme Networks)


Free Range Routing or how we ditched OSPF for BGP unnumbered (based on RFC5549) 
| Manuel Schweizer (

As a contributor to the FRR project, I’m going to explain what FRR is and how 
we at are using it. Furthermore, I will shed some light at why we 
chose a certain x86-based hardware platform and provide a future outlook of 
where FRR is heading.


Network Unit Testing with SaltStack | Urs Baumann (INS - Institute for 
Networked Solutions)

Enabling unit testing in the network with Nuts (network unit testing system) 
and SaltStack. Technical presentation how the open source software Nuts uses 
SaltStack to test the network.


colt onDemand - from visions in 2012 to reality in 2017 | Andreas Glag (Colt)


SwissIX Update | Manuel Schweizer (SwissIX)

SwissIX Update


Flowmon DDoS Defender | Pavel Minařík (Flowmon)

Flowmon DDoS Defender is a scalable anti-DDoS solution leveraging netflow data 
from routers or dedicated network probes for real-time detection and automated 
mitigation of volumetric attacks led against customer’s infrastructure.  It 
provides the state of the art detection with automated mitigation within a 
minute, deep understanding of attack characteristics and a full-range of 
methods for successful attack mitigation ranging from alerting (e-mail, syslog, 
SNMP trap), traffic diversion (PBR, BGP, RTBH, Flowspec), execution of scripts, 
mitigation in cloud with Scrubbing centres or on-premise through specific out 
of-band DDoS systems.


if (network == server) { magic happens } | Attilla de Groot (Cumulus Networks)

Automating the network has become common practice. One thing that we don’t want 
to automate are operator mistakes on a fabric level. How can this be prevented 
by building a CI/CD environment using Cumulus, NetQ, Ansible and Gitlab.


Introduction to LoRaWAN | Christian Mäder

LoRaWAN is a network stack designed mostly to retrieve data from IoT sensors 
with limited power source. This talk will be an introduction to how this 
network stack works; like how it does the addressing and routing or what it's 
secrecy promises are.


Piranha: where all the fishy routes meet... | Pascal Gloor (Quickline)

Do you really know what's going on in your BGP? Analyse your BGP in realtime.


Update - and | Markus Meier 

Community Update


Social Event


Looking forward to seeing all of you!!!




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