Good afternoon from AS3303 (Swisscom/IP-Plus).

This e-mail is intended as help information for those of you who operate
IPv4 PI addresses within the following ranges:

for historical reasons, these ranges used to have a status of ALLOCATED UNSPECIFIED in the RIPE data base and were managed by the ch.unisource
LIR (ourselves).

In 2016 the RIPE-NCC has received a mandate from the RIPE Address Policy
working group to transfer these addresses into standard ALLOCATED PA
and ALLOCATED PI addresses, managed by the RIPE-NCC; if interested in
the details, please see

The transfer of these three ranges has been completed recently.
This includes the management responsibility of the related PI assignments, although, for practical reasons, the Swisscom maintainer
CH-UNISOURCE-MNT has not been removed from some objects yet.

Please find enclosed below the guidelines we received from the RIPE-NCC
with respect to the administration of the related RIPE data base objects.

   Thanks for your attention and understanding,

Paolo Moroni
IP-Plus Engineering

Following the re-organisation of ALLOCATED UNSPECIFIED addresses blocks formerly managed by CH-UNISOURCE-MNT, the management of the PI assignments has been transferred to the RIPE-NCC. Each PI assignment will need to have a "Sponsoring LIR" (a RIPE NCC member responsible for maintenance, accuracy and communication with regards to a specific assignment). Please see for details. Please contact your Sponsoring LIR if you have one. If not, please contact RIPE NCC, <>

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