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> On 11.03.2018 09:54, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> >  ❦ 11 mars 2018 09:49 +0100, Vincent Jardin <vincent.jar...@6wind.com> :
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> >> Did you try contacting radb.net or the ARIN first? Their answers
> >> would be interesting about it.
> > 
> > As I am not familiar with how things work, I did not. But I have
> > mailed CloudFlare NOC.
> I found Job's presentation "IRR 101" [0] very useful. Absolutely worth
> to dive into.
> [0]
> https://events.dknog.dk/event/1/contributions/20/attachments/9/10/DKNOG8_IRR101_Job_Snijders.pdf

Thanks Arnold for looping me in.

As to the OP's question:

    - ARIN IRR does _not_ perform validation at this point in time. The
      only check is whether the prefix is already covered by another
      prefix or not.

    - RADB IRR does _not_ perform validation, the only check is whether
      the prefix is already covered by another prefix.

RADB support is quite responsive when you notify them of errors in the
data, more responsive than some of the RIRs even.

ARIN is currently soliciting feedback from the community on what the
future of their IRR service should be. John Curran from ARIN gave a
presentation at NANOG 72.
video: https://youtu.be/tsWq_LgNS5s

Kind regards,


ps. ARIN also has a WHOIS database which contains routing information. :-)

pps. ARIN also has an RPKI repository which contains routing information. :-)

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