Nico Schottelius writes:
> Salut everyone,

> on this sunny Sunday, is anyone else wondering why we had a drop of
> about 15% points from 2021 to 2022 of detected IPv6 usage?

> I am referring to which shows it
> quite impressive.

My guess would be that this is because in 2022, people spend relatively
more time in the office/at schools/universities/traveling compared to
2021, and less time at home.

And in Switzerland, IPv6 connectivity is still heavily biased to home
users.  Enterprises generally don't care, universities have some IPv6
but have a hard time rolling it out campus-wide, mobile carriers in
Switzerland - unlike some other countries - haven't rolled out IPv6 on a
large scale yet.  (Anybody knows what's cooking in that department? Will
some IPv6 come with 5G or do we have to wait for 6G? ;-)

But that's really just a guess!

> Is this due to UPC/Sunrise merger? It seems lise AS6730 "lost" a lot of
> IPv6 traffic since end of May 2021:


Would be interesting to overlay these graphs with data that shows
mobility or other effects of anti-COVID-19 measures to corroborate or
refute my hypothesis.

> Best regards and enjoy your Sunday,

> Nico

> p.s.: This drop finally places Switzerland BEHIND Austria, which
> historically lagged behind Switzerland in terms of IPv6 traffic for
> many, many years.

Congratulations, Austria!

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