The rumor had been spread a few weeks back at EPF in Rome. However not exactly that DE-CIX is going to *buy* SwissIX, but take over technical operations.

Just to clarify: while I'm a one of the former presidents of the SwissIX association, I'm no longer involved and Init7 cancelled it's association membership a few years ago. We are just a participant.

Fredy / Init7

On 13.10.22 19:33, Steven Glogger wrote:



Am 13.10.2022 19:20, schrieb peerwithme:

Today news is DE-CIX buy of SwissIX

Why that is not consulted to the members?

Why that is plan?

Job of Rémy?

Port price raise? garantie no price raise?

DE-CIX is €€€€€€€€€ for small swiss network!

DE-CIX = profit
SwissIX = verein

how is possible?

Fredy Künzler

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