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For interested, here are 3 graphs presenting the drop. For every graph the left side is OTO#1 and the right is OTO#2. Monday morning was the time of changing the line:

1) https://i.ibb.co/qRL1Hyb/1.png <https://i.ibb.co/qRL1Hyb/1.png>

I do have a connection on OTO Plug 1 in Z├╝rich, even with the EWZ provided Fiber/Ethernet bridge (4 Ethernet-Ports), with one port used for a line to Cyberlink (1 Gbit/s). External physical systems within Switzerland are mostly 2 - 2.5 ms with IPv4, IPv6 sometimes slightly more.
The DNS at / 2001:4860:4860::8888 has 1.8 ms.
And the VM I have at ungleich.ch, has 4.7 ms (IPv4), and 5.2 ms (IPv6).

Almost a decade ago I had a MC2-based (copper) line with 10 Mbit/s from Cyberlink and I do remember that for systems within Switzerland it was also at ~3 ms. I also have a Sunrise/UPC Cable connection with IPv4 only, there the latency is ~21.5 ms and 25.4 ms (for the VM). But during the night (since around end of August) it is significantly higher, sometimes even above 50 ms. This is not the first time and it usually does improve again after a few month, e.g. when they split the cable segment into smaller areas.

So for me it seems that your ISP probably has the most influence for the latency of your line with their infrastructure and transit behind.

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