Dear Roque,

quite a while ago you submitted a presentation proposal.
We're still in the process of collecting speeches and compile the Agenda.
I just wanted to get back to you and ask if your still up to it and we can 
consider you in the SwiNOG#38 (Wednesday, June 21th 2023) Agenda?

We will confirm your speech latest by end of April 2023.

In the meantime:

- Please let us know if your plans are changing in the meantime and you cannot 
make it.
- Please do NOT yet register to the event because speakers do not have to pay 
and it will complicate the process if you do so.
- If you have any questions let us know by E-Mail, Telegram or Phone

Thank you again for your effort and we'll keep in touch.


From: Roque Gagliano via swinog-core <>
Date: Friday, 19 August 2022 at 12:11
To: <>
Subject: [swinog-core] SwiNOG : CFP Submission
SwiNOG <>
Your Name
Roque Gagliano
Your Email Address
Company Twitter Handle
Name of Presenter (if different)
Presenter Email Address (if different)
Presenter Twitter Handle
Title of Presentation
OpenTelemetry: What is it and why it mothers to network engineers
Short Abstract of the Presentation
The Cloud Native Foundation OpenTelemetry project is taking speed to change the 
way we monitor applications. This new technology will have its first effect for 
network engineers on how we "manage the managers" but its implications could go 
way beyond network management and automation applications. In this presentation 
I will present OpenTelemetry and demonstrate how it can be used to monitor 
network applications (I use Cisco NSO as the example)
Expected Length of Presentation (in min.)
Is SwiNOG allowed to Publish the Presentation on the Webpage?
Is SwiNOG allowed to take and publish pictures from you on the event?
Is SwiNOG allowed to take and publish videos from you on the event?

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