Hi Sebastien,

we’re still in the process of collecting speeches and compile the agenda.
Therefore: Yes, there are slots available, and we will send the confirmation to 
each speaker if the talk is considered by end of April.

Speeches do not cost anything, and speakers do not have to pay anything to 
attend the meeting.
However, talks with a sales content will not get accepted. Please check the 
Submission Guidelines below.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me again.


Language of Slides and Talks
The whole day will be hold in English, therefore we kindly ask you to produce 
your presentation in English.
Submission Guidelines
All submissions must have a strong technical bias (or be completely off topic) 
and must not be promotional for your employer.
Please remember that your presentations should be suitable for a target 
audience of technicians from varied backgrounds, working for companies whose 
sizes may vary considerably.
To submit a proposal for a presentation, we request that you to fill in the 
form at https://www.swinog.ch/cfp/
We also welcome suggestions for specific presentations which you feel would be 
valuable to the SwiNOG community.
Please be aware that your presentation will be published on the SwiNOG website 
after the event. We can publish modified slides if requested - it might be that 
some confidential data will be presented by you which are not intended for 
publication on the internet.

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Date: Tuesday, 21 March 2023 at 12:21
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Sebastien Bocev
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Dear Swinog Team,

could you please let me know if there are still speaker slots available and 
what one would cost?

Many thanks
I confirm, this is NOT a delisting request

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