Title: Small SMS network tool

Hi everyone,
If you're interested, we have set up a small "SMS network tool" which allows to perform pings, traceroutes and nslookups.

Send your SMS request to 9292 from any swiss mobile phone.

The syntax is as follows:

TICINONET PING destination (hostname or IP, pings the destination) TICINONET DNS destination (hostname or IP, DNS-resolves the destination) TICINONET TRACE destination (hostname or IP, performs a traceroute, times out at 30 hops. Be patient, may take a few minutes)

The request is free. The answer is charged 0.20 CHF (like a normal SMS) for ping and nslookup, or 0.70 CHF for traceroute (needs an MMS capable mobile phone).

Maybe someone who is "pikett" could find these useful. If you would like to see other functions implemented (like more looking glass-specific BGP functions) or if you find bugs, please contact me off-list.


Ticinocom SA - Via Stazione 5 - 6600 Muralto
Tel. 0844 00 70 70 - http://www.ticinocom.com

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