Also didn't Marconi's first trans-atlantic transmission originate from Canada?
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Subject: Re: [Swlfest] CKZN Labrador off air - should we care?
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2017 13:32:16 +0000 (UTC)

Ironic timing on this, as it comes close to the 5-year anniversary of Radio 
Canada International's disappearance from shortwave.  Perhaps the pitch that 
people could make who want to send along a comment about this, particularly 
Canadians, would be to focus on the disappearance of Canada from the 
international radio bands. After all, Canada is the place where radio got 
started. The first experimental radio station XWA in Montreal; Reginald 
Fessenden's first voice broadcast using radio; Newfoundland's Signal Hill, etc. 
 Canada has a rich history in radio. Now Canada is nothing more than a fading 
memory on the international radio bands. It bothers me every time I receive the 
latest Glenn Hauser DX Listening Digest report and I immediately go through the 
alphabetical listing to "C", to see if there just might be any radio news from 
Canada.  It's sad to see just the occasional mentions of CHU Time signal 
station, or Canadian weather or military transmissions.  But, even more 
disturbing is to see items like this about CKZN or the recent closure of the 
CBC West Coast shortwave transmitter. Why not now on the 150th anniversary of 
Canada, to voice our concern and displeasure with the practical elimination of 
Canada from the international broadcasting scene.  Let's try to hold on to one 
last piece of a shortwave voice from Canada by at least making sure that 
something like CKZN is still there.   Sheldon HarveyRadio 

Enjoy birds and birdwatching?   On Friday, 
June 30, 2017, 8:33:12 AM GMT-4, Richard Cuff <> wrote:  Glenn 
Hauser posted this item below, and I spotted it in an ODXA post. Looks like the 
CBC is using an approach that Australia's ABC used forRadio Australia -- switch 
a transmitter off air temporarily and see ifanyone notices. I know I would miss 
them -- they frankly have been an enjoyablecompanion especially when I'm away 
from home and unable to connect tothe Internet via wifi, and especially when 
I've been DXpeditioning--after all, there's not much palatable English language 
programmingon air -- so I will be sending them a note. Not sure how important 
they consider a disaffected listener to CBCGoose Bay in Pennsylvania but, 
perhaps we can collectively impressthat shortwave usage enables broadcasters to 
reach and impactaudiences beyond typical borders. Richard Cuff / Allentown, PA  
USA --- ** NEWFOUNDLAND. 6160-, June 30 at 0214 check, CKZN is still AWOL, 
andnow we finally know why. Here`s my Q&A inquiry thread to CBC NL: Shortwave 
transmitter off the airOn Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 11:30 PM, Glenn Hauser wrote: 
``The 6160 kHz relay of Radio 1 Goose Bay via transmitter at St.John`s has been 
missing for about 4 days. Please advise what theproblem is, what steps are 
being taken to restore it and when this isexpected to be back on air. The 
contact us page for CBC NL does not include anyone with atechnical/engineering 
title, unless that means you as CommunicationsOfficers. Please forward to the 
appropriate person if necessary. Thanks, Glenn Hauser`` 
------------------------------ --------------On Tue, 6/27/17, KATIE ROWE 
<> wrote:Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 11:18 AM ``Hi Glenn, I 
am going to connect with our Systems Technologist andcheck into this. Where do 
you live? Katie Katie RoweSenior Communications OfficerCBC Newfoundland and 
LabradorT: 709-576-5161C: 709-693-6725@KatieRoweCBC`` On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 
5:07 PM, Glenn Hauser wrote: ``Katie, I am in Enid, Oklahoma, USA, where I used 
to be able to hearit, as shortwave has a very large potential range. I am in 
contactwith other SW listeners all over Canada, the US and beyond, who 
haverelied on this signal to hear CBC. Further checks today confirm it isstill 
missing. Thanks for checking into this and I hope to be hearingback from 
whoever is in charge of the shortwave transmitter. Glenn`` Thursday, June 29, 
2017 7:02 PM --- ``Hi Glenn, They are currentlyconducting some testing to gauge 
listenership. I've been advised thatthey will likely be off-air for a couple of 
more weeks. Katie`` There you go, another Australia-like ``test`` to justify 
turning offSW permanently. Prove them wrong, and let them know you want to 
keeplistening (especially if you`re in Labrador ---) (Glenn Hauser, DXLISTENING 
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