Here’s a response from Eric’s original post. My comments below his post,

Here is some information I gathered from local repeater group websites.

W3QV The Phil-Mont Mobile Radio Club 
??? Roxborough 147.030 MHz offset +0.6 MHz CTCSS 91.5 is usually linked
to 444.800 MHz offset +5.0 MHz CTCSS 186.2 full time
??? ??? There are also 2 Meter remote receivers in Center City
(Philadelphia), Lansdale, and Southampton.
W3QV runs their UHF full-time System Fusion. The VHF side runs standard analog.
I’m not sure if they are linked anymore.

W3WAN ?The Wide Area Network Repeater System? or WANRS.
??? Roxborough 441.700 MHz offset +5.0 MHz CTCSS 74.4
??? ??? This is part of a statewide system of linked repeaters.

WR3IRS The NJ-NY-PA DMR Network 
??? Roxborough 440.650 MHz offset +5.0 MHz CC1 DMR

W3SBE Philadelphia Broadcast Engineers Amateur Radio Club
??? Roxborough 442.550 MHz offset +5.0 MHz CTCSS 91.5 is usually linked
to 927.8875 MHz offset -25.0 MHz CTCSS 91.5 full time
??? ??? These repeaters maybe off the air as the group does not seem to
be very active.
W3SBE is very active weekdays during the morning commute hours. I’m pretty sure 
the link to the 900 MHz is longer active.

K3PDR Philadelphia Digital Radio Association 
??? Wyndmoor 146.610 MHz offset -0.6 MHz D-Star
??? Wyndmoor 445.18125 MHz offset -5.0 MHz D-Star
??? Wyndmoor 445.73125 MHz offset -5.0 MHz CC1 DMR
??? Wyndmoor 447.475 MHz offset -5.0 MHz Fusion

KB3BKH Unisys Amateur Radio Club Bluebell
??? Bluebell 447.025 MHz offset -5.0 MHz CTCSS 131.8
??? ??? Bluebell is a short distance north of Plymouth Meeting and home
of some good Korean BBQ!
KB3BKH - I haven’t this repeater in quite a while. I live nearby and it was 
never on my active list. As far as I know it may be off the air.

??? Norristown 448.675 offset -5.0 MHz CTCSS 131.8
N3CB - Same goes for this listing. I haven’t this repeater in quite a while. I 
live nearby and it was never on my active list. As far as I know it may be off 
the air.
Here’s a list of VHF/UHF that can be accessed from Plymouth Meeting PA.
449.925 (-) 100.0 Hz  K3CX    Eagleville, PA
146.835 (-) 88.5 Hz   AA3E    Eagleville, PA
147.330 (+) CS        WA3RYQ  Hatfield , PA
147.165 (+) 162.2 Hz  K3JJO   Horsham, PA
145.190 (-) 131.8 Hz  N3ZA    Souderton, PA
145.330 (-) 131.8 Hz  W3HJ    Hilltown, PA
147.390 (+) 100.0 Hz  W3HJ    Hilltown, PA
442.900 (+) 123.0 Hz  W3HJ    Hilltown, PA
145.310 (-) 131.8 Hz  W3AI    Perkasie. PA
442.400 (+) 131.8 Hz  N3KZ    Philadelphia, PA (University of Pennsylvania ARC) 
Wide-area UHF linked network.
BTW I own/operate a GMRS repeater nearby. I will see if I can activate a PL for 
use during the SWL Fest event. If all goes well, frequency and tones will be 
Lou Campagna

73 Eric


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