Got a bug report on Xiphos, that export out of ESV is losing quotations

Export as HTML does not lose them; export as plain text does.  The
difference is use of mod->stripText().

ESV uses <q> around quotations.  My test verse is Matt.7.1...

> <title subType="x-preverse" type="section">Judging Others</title><q
> marker="" who="Jesus"><note n="r" osisID="Matt.7.1!crossReference.r"
> osisRef="Matt.7.1" type="crossReference">For <reference
> osisRef="Matt.7.1-Matt.7.5">ver. 1-5</reference>, see <reference
> osisRef="Luke.6.37-Luke.6.38">Luke 6:37, 38</reference>, <reference
> osisRef="Luke.6.41-Luke.6.42">41, 42</reference>; [<reference
> osisRef="Rom.14.13">Rom. 14:13</reference>; <reference
> osisRef="1Cor.4.5">1 Cor. 4:5</reference>; <reference
> osisRef="Jas.5.9">James 5:9</reference>]</note><milestone marker="“"
> type="cQuote"/>Judge not, that you be not judged.</q>
As typically rendered, this is...

> “Judge not, that you be not judged.
But as extracted with stripText, it's just...

> Judge not, that you be not judged.
...which loses the opening quotation.

It's not clear there's a resolution to this any less complicated than
"handle <q> quotation marks first, /then/ strip everything out."

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