Both the recently updated *Urdu Geo Version* modules have /identical/

*Urdu Geo Version (UGV)*

This has the unfortunate consequence that *JSword* based front-end
applications will view them as the same module, even though the module names
are different.

This longstanding problem is described somewhere in the developers' wiki.
Module team ought be be aware of it.

Please change the Devanagari edition description to become:

*Urdu Geo Version (UGV) Devanagari*

IMHO, the module name is too verbose, and not sufficiently similar to the
other module for users to see at a glance that it's the same translation as
*UrduGeo* published with a different writing system.

I would have preferred that it be simplified to *UrduGeoD*.

Please consider renaming the module when the Description field is updated.

Best regards,


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