I think it would be an odd departure from the norm to not cover for this in the engine, part I if straightforward


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On 04/08/2018 01:23 PM, Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
they don't really want to show Verse 0 before a chapter intro, so ifa frontends want to show them with some special formatting, wouldn't it be fine for the frontend to put a <div class="intro"> around it?

My initial take was indeed simply to wrap italics around intro material, though I was even more blunt with plain ol' <i></i>.

But Greg's countersuggestion after I committed the change and closed the report was that CSS is the right weapon. And in fact I had already thought so. But the problem as I see it is in making it a one-off thing in Xiphos, thus completely unlike any other frontend. Is it not appropriate that, when requesting verse 0, the material come back from the engine with an appropriate class wrap, with a default class handler (e.g. italics) the way it already does for other modifiable items, like transChange and wordsOfJesus? That would take care of any XHTML-driven UI in the first place. Then specifically for Xiphos, the use of PreferredCSSXHTML (that is, style.css) would let power users change italics to smaller fonts or colored text or whatever.

Anyway... I can do it myself for Xiphos. I just figure that generality would say that the engine is well-positioned to provide this when verse 0 is requested. My <i></i> hack for now is a stopgap, a placeholder until/unless the engine can provide this generality.

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