This used to be the syntax help for diatheke output format:
  Valid output_format values are: GBF, ThML, RTF, HTML, HTMLHREF, XHTML, OSIS, 
CGI, and plain (def)
This is the current syntax help:
  Valid output_format values are: CGI, GBF, HTML, HTMLHREF, LaTeX, OSIS, RTF, 
ThML, WEBIF, XHTML, plain, and internal (def)

So as well as adding the formats LaTeX, WEBIF, XHTML and internal,
it's also the case that the default has been changed from plain to internal.

As I have no knowledge of any discussion that led to this change of default, I 
would be interested to learn the reasons for it.

It's the kind of change that goes against the principle of Backwards 
i.e. For any software or command files that made regular use of diatheke,
these would now have to be updated to include "-f plain" if they were 
previously relying on plain having been default.

Best regards,


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