Thanks Timothy,

Adyeths withdrew his ‘’ script because he wasn’t satisfied that it 
could ever achieve 100% accurate success.

And I have observed that an even greater technical challenge is to add OSIS 
reference markup for modules that use a Right to Left script such as Urdu. 
Special Unicode formatting characters are required.

I made some real progress with the underlying essential principles using a 
bespoke TextPipe filter several years ago, but my development never saw the 
light of day for various reasons outside CrossWire.

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On Tue, Aug 29, 2023 at 08:53, Timothy Allen <[](mailto:On 
Tue, Aug 29, 2023 at 08:53, Timothy Allen <<a href=)> wrote:

> Since the Berean Standard Bible translation[1] was released under a
> Creative Commons Zero licence earlier this year[2], including the USFM
> sources and translation tables, I have been working on converting it for
> use with the SWORD Project[3]. Adyeths' "u2o" script[4] produced a very
> good initial conversion to OSIS XML, but there were additional cleanups
> I wanted to do. Since I didn't want to do them by hand, I wrote some
> scripts to do them for me, and I figured they might be useful for other
> people too. Since they generally work by adding or removing OSIS markup,
> I collectively refer to them as "OSIS Decorators". You can browse the
> code here:
> ...or if you'd prefer, just download them all in ZIP file:
> Currently, there's two scripts available, each with full documentation
> and example configuration:
> * "linkify-references" recognises human-readable references like "John
> 3:16" or "Exodus 2:4, 7-9, and 17" and adds machine-readable OSIS
> markup to make them clickable links; book names and typographic
> conventions are configurable so it should be useful for texts in
> languages other than English
> * "remove-footnote-backrefs" removes the reference from the footnote
> text back to the verse it came from; very useful in printed Bibles
> but a distraction in digital Bibles where you can just close the
> footnote popup to get back to where you were
> All the scripts are under the GPLv2+ licence (same as libSWORD) and
> require only Python 3.6 or higher (no third-party libraries), so
> hopefully it won't be too difficult for people to make use of them.
> If these tools sound useful to you, please try them out! I'd love to
> hear about your experiences with them, or about anything you think could
> be improved.
> Alternatively, if there's some existing repository of OSIS tools that
> these could be contributed to, I'm open to that too.
> Timothy
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