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I don't know if I'm just blind or if these aren't public, but I cannot find the OSIS (or whatever format) code for individual SWORD modules in the Crosswire repository. Specifically I'm trying to find the source for the AKJV module.

I get the impression the SWORD project has a lot of different contributors with different work-flow preferences, so there's no Central Repository of All Modules or anything like that. When I'm looking for the source of a module (for example, to find out how some particular feature or style was implemented) and the module's description doesn't cite a source, I look in the following locations:

 * https://git.crosswire.org/explore
 * https://gitlab.com/crosswire-bible-society/

The AKJV specifically does not appear in either of those locations. Its description text mentions the URL http://www.inspiredidea.com/akj.htm which no longer exists, but the earliest version on the Wayback Machine (2001-02-06) only points to CrossWire as the only official distribution source. I suspect that the person who made this version is also the person who provided the module to CrossWire and the source might never have been publicly accessible. Later revisions of the page (up to about 2004) do provide a ZIP of the text, but the modification date inside the archive is 2001, and the CrossWire module claims to have been made in 2007 (and be "version 1.4") so it's probably not the actual source text.

mod2imp works, but I don't like to use it to inspect modules because it only reports what comes *out* of the osis2mod compiler, not what went into it.

If you really want the text of the AKJV specifically, mod2imp may well be your best bet at extracting the text.

If you just want the King James Version updated to more modern language, you may be interested in the American Standard Version (1901)[1], or the World English Bible[2] which is available in many formats from USFM to Microsoft Word to XeTeX.


[1]: https://gitlab.com/crosswire-bible-society/asv

[2]: https://worldenglish.bible/
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