For those who build packages for Windows.  We received this request on sword-support.  It sounds interesting.

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Subject:        [sword-support] Please add Sword Project to Winget on Windows
Date:   Wed, 8 Nov 2023 16:12:57 +0000 (UTC)
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Sir or Ma'am,

I had a catastrophic fail on Windows resulting in a fully reset operating system recently. I looked for some "newer" option for installations and there was an option called winget in powershell 7, and likely earlier(You can disable powershell 2, uninstall the microsoft store powershell 5 and just use powershell 7 and winget - ). It's amazing. I installed all the software I could through winget, and I have found software dependencies update through winget easily(including dependencies from software installed by Steam).

However, I also found that very little Bible software is using winget which is why I'm requesting this. There's BPBible, which requires additions separately downloaded through a web browser and Logos 9. Other than than, there's nothing Bible there. There's not even Bible memory apps.
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