Thanks Matej for all the information !
(and your git mirrror, that will be quite helpful :-) )

Is the gitlab project referenced anywhere on the crosswire website ?
Because I've been looking all over and only found the svn link ^^'
That's exactly the kind of problems I'm talking about when I say the
project's visibility could be improved, to make it more possible for new
people to get interested and join !
I don't have anything against GitLab, but GitHub is by far more popular.
People can randomly search for projects on GitHub - but virtually no one
searches for projects on GitLab if they don't already know that the project
is hosted there. So if we use GitLab for all development, we should at
least put some links in the GitHub project description and on the crosswire
website to tell people where to go.

Regarding the GitLab project, just like pinoaffe I can't see any repository
related to the OSIS specification, only bible modules and a "script" repo.

And by the way, given the number of module (ie "data") repositories
present, another suggestion I can make is to keep the repositories related
to core functionality (spec, librairies, etc.) in a separate project, as
their contributors will likely be very different. As a developer, finding a
code repository in the middle of 6 pages of data repos is not very
In that regards, it could even make sense to keep gitlab for data, and use
github for code - or just create a separate gitlab project for code
repositories, whatever people prefer.

Finally, for jsword, to be honest I'm not really worried about its
"organizational" status : after 5 years without breathing it's
unambiguously dead.
My request is to mostly to try to reach whoever has admin rights on the
"crosswire" GitHub project, and see if they would be willing to let me take
over jsword to refresh it :-)

Le sam. 17 févr. 2024 à 21:12, Matěj Cepl <> a écrit :

> On Sat Feb 17, 2024 at 4:46 PM CET, Arnaud Vié wrote:
> > I think a lot of that could be improved by making better use of the
> > crosswire github project <>, which is
> nowadays
> > the first contact most young developers will have with these crosswire
> > projects.
> is mostly dead. There
> is more life (especially for modules) at
> and then there is
> another GitLab at (for contributors
> only).
> >    - *Revive the jsword github repository*.
> jsword is organizationally in many aspects a separate project from
> libsword.
> >       - *Create a new Git repository for the OSIS specification*.
> See on gitlab.
> >       - Ideally, I'd also suggest *moving the C++ sword code to github*.
> >    Having it only on an old SVN repo
> >    <>, not browsable or searchable
> >    online, really harms its visibility. I used a little bit of SVN while
> in
> >    engineering school 12 years ago, but I doubt that most young devs
> nowadays
> >    even know about it.
> I don’t even comment on this one any more (just mirror it to
>, because where there is no
> advice, there is no help.
> Best,
> Matěj
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