Most radio listening takes place in the car or while doing other things that 
allow freedom for the ear, but not the eyes and hands.  Podcasts permit a shift 
of listening time from a set appointment to virtually any convenient occasion.  
I do it while “power walking” (most) every other day.  The “art” of putting one 
foot in front of the other can be pretty monotonous and by “podding along” 
while I’m plodding along my mind gets something to do along with my body.  Some 
of the best radio comes from the public networks of the UK, Australia, Ireland, 
Canada, New Zealand and the U.S.  Apart from the originating program’s web 
site, most programs are made available through any number of other amalgamation 
sources such as iTunes and TuneIn. Here’s another in a continuing series of 
small samplings:


“The Act of Listening”
Listening — to loved ones, strangers, faraway places — is an act of generosity 
and a source of discovery. In this episode, TED speakers describe how we change 
when we listen deeply.  (54”)

“Canada prepared to 'push back' against anti-trade sentiment”
Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland pushes back against what she calls an 
'anti-trade wave' in the U.S. and Europe, and shares the highlights of her 
trade talks in China. The NDP's finance critic Guy Caron and the Conservatives' 
family critic Karen Vecchio weigh in on all things economy. Plus: Michael Chong 
talks his Conservative leadership bid, as well as fellow candidate Kellie 
Leitch's questionable survey out this week to supporters. And Marion Buller, 
the head of the national MMIW inquiry, is here as the inquiry officially 
launches. (51”)

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Good listening!

John Figliozzi
Editor, "The Worldwide Listening Guide"
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