Thanks Richard!

I think folks here might be interested in my rough draft dirty laundry list
of world radio news that isn't quite as accessible on-demand as it should

I would think we'd still have some international programming in English
from places like Serbia, Bulgaria, etc. IF five plus years ago they had
jumped into the full podcast ecology and built up an audience for their
"external services" via a new channel. I am 100% for shortwave, but that
content needs a solid digital platform to boost its domestic political


Also, here are relevant parts of my email interview that didn't appear in
the article:


You’d think Western media or media development networks would work to help
Kenya fix their radio streams before the Russians or Chinese do?


I also have this crazy idea that we should take the best of news radio
on-demand/podcasts and blast them with permission to the remotest parts of
the world via shortwave (and of course as live streams and like the World
Radio Network, encourage FM rebroadcasting overnights and more).


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:30 PM, Richard Cuff <> wrote:

> Mr. Clift participates here in these groups -- great to see 1 Radio
> News get increased publicity - it's a handy way to get international
> broadcasters on your smartphone fingertips!!
> Richard Cuff
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