> We need to have a person-oriented place where those who are not coding
> can see what we're working on.  The projectsycamore.org wiki serves
> that function well (or could).  For instance, this page is a good
> example of something that everyone who's actively maintaining a wiki
> would be interested in from a high-level perspective:
> http://www.projectsycamore.org/Semantic_Wiki.  Projectsycamore.org is
> the familiar and convenient environment for active wiki / wiki spot
> folks.

I could go either way. The trac wiki is just as usable as the sycamore
wiki (or any other wiki) for this kind of data. Philip makes a good point
about being person-oriented. We need to make it easy for jane and joe to
notify us of a problem. Posting a note to a "Bugs" wiki page helps by
making it easy to do and a familiar interface. Using sycamore to manage
bugs about sycamore has the advantage because bug reporters don't have to
learn a new wiki language. As far as having everything in one place... If
that's a goal then we should force users to report bugs into trac
directly. That would save a lot of developer's time but would be more
cumbersome for bug reporters because they'd have to learn a new interface.

So, my opinion is that we have the sycamore wiki for design
docs/discussion (mainly because it's familiar and I don't want to taint my
wiki knowledge by using multiple wikis), the trac wiki just point to the
sycamore wiki (as it does now), and have users report bugs directly into
the trac ticket tracker (I'm notoriously lazy). All discussion about a
particular *bug* should be in the comments of the ticket (not on the
mailing list). For *features* that require design changes, database
changes, etc these should be made into a wiki page and a ticket should be
added for that feature. There should be a link to the ticket in the wiki
and to the wiki in the ticket. The discussion for large features could
happen in the wiki or on the mailing list but it should be stored on the
wiki for posterity.


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