That looks nice and simple.

Give it a shot then, worst case, we turn it off in a week or two.
I can't seem to find how to do it using the dump file, and I failed at
using git-svn to pull from the live svn to my machine, but I think the
answer is somewhere in there.

Guide for people used to svn


Philip Neustrom wrote:
> Looks like github has issue tracking, just not on all projects.  See
>  Probably not as
> mature as Trac is, but I think it' dbe fine for us.
> On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 1:29 AM, Alex Mandel <> 
> wrote:
>> Not that we ever used it previously, but issue tracking doesn't seem to
>> exist on github, hell I couldn't find an issue tracker at all for it's
>> biggest project, Ruby. Not sure what that says about it.
>> We should probably implement a more systematic approach to bugs -
>> comments on a wiki page really doesn't work all that well if we want to
>> get some more people looking at the code.
>> Other than that, no objections as a version control system. FYI, Berlios
>> offers GIT support.
>> Please see
>> Not sure about the validity but it says 300MB max on free hosting.
>> My personal lean would be Launchpad, although I'm not in love with it's
>> bug system. Bazaar is written in python, the site is easy to use and
>> considering it's youth is in the ballpark of sourceforge for users.
>> Alex
>> Philip Neustrom wrote:
>>> Anyone have objections to git / github?  It's the new hotness.
>>> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 8:40 PM, Alex Mandel <> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> I think we'd need to file a ticket in order for our trac database to be
>>>> imported. They do not provide direct disk access to hosted app
>>>> databases, only direct access to version control.
>>>> They do however offer backup tools for trac to dump the site out when we
>>>> want.
>>>> Alex
>>>> Alex Mandel wrote:
>>>>> >From what I can tell it's a case of uploading the dumpfile and then 
>>>>> >running
>>>>> svnadmin load /svnroot/andsoft < dumpfile
>>>>> Not sure about importing trac information though, still looking.
>>>>> I did find that we can shorten the urls to the SVN browse and the trac
>>>>> site with our own domain via the sourceforge settings.
>>>>> Alex
>>>>> Philip Neustrom wrote:
>>>>>> That sourceforge setup looks good, actually.  Do you know if importing
>>>>>> an existing project's SVN data is a pain?
>>>>>> Hosting the SVN install on the current machine isn't the
>>>>>> best because we want to be able to always have the code available
>>>>>> independently of the site being up.  Also, I think that giving SVN
>>>>>> auth access may be a security risk, but I'd guess it depends on the
>>>>>> authentication mechanism.
>>>>>> -p
>>>>>> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 7:14 PM, Alex Mandel 
>>>>>> <> wrote:
>>>>>>> What are the hesitations about hosting it ourselves?
>>>>>>> I've used the sourceforge system and basically only for SVN/Trac, didn't
>>>>>>> bother to turn on anything else. In the long run this would make the
>>>>>>> project more discoverable. Looking around at other options, few if any
>>>>>>> services offer SVN/Trac.
>>>>>>> Here's what a SF trac site looks like
>>>>>>> Berlios, Tigris(Where SVN is) and Google Code all offer SVN but with
>>>>>>> their own Bug Tracking systems. We could also move to Git, Mercurial or
>>>>>>> Bazaar and use Github, Launchpad, or Berlios for any of those too.
>>>>>>> I would hesitate to use any but the largest hosts, since smaller ones
>>>>>>> may take the same route as our current provider. I also think regardless
>>>>>>> of who we pick we should consider url redirecting via a wikispot 
>>>>>>> subdomain.
>>>>>>> Alex
>>>>>>> Philip Neustrom wrote:
>>>>>>>> I downloaded a copy of the svn and trac environment.  Threw both up on
>>>>>>>> the server.
>>>>>>>> Not sure where would be best to host this stuff now.  I tend to think
>>>>>>>> sourceforge is too spammy / indirect.
>>>>>>>> -p
>>>>>>>> On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 7:10 PM, Alex Mandel 
>>>>>>>> <> wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Have you done the dump?
>>>>>>>>> I'm about to export to bzr or git just in case but that won't copy the
>>>>>>>>> trac site at all. Not that there's anything on that of any importance.
>>>>>>>>> But it would be better to get svn via svnadmin dump, especially if we
>>>>>>>>> plan to continue using svn.
>>>>>>>>> Like I said before, I know how to setup Trac/SVN, it's not all that 
>>>>>>>>> hard
>>>>>>>>> and I offer to assist.
>>>>>>>>> Alex
>>>>>>>>> Philip Neustrom wrote:
>>>>>>>>>> We'll have to set up Trac / SVN soon
>>>>>>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>>>>>>> From: "DevjaVu Team" <>
>>>>>>>>>> Date: May 2, 2009 6:09 PM
>>>>>>>>>> Subject: Important Notice: DevjaVu is going to be shutting down
>>>>>>>>>> To: "" <>
>>>>>>>>>> Hello everyone,
>>>>>>>>>> You're getting this message because you have a project at
>>>>>>>>>> DevjaVu and we have a very important notice about the service.
>>>>>>>>>> Over the next few months, DevjaVu will be winding down and
>>>>>>>>>> eventually shutting down. We'll try to hold on as long as
>>>>>>>>>> possible, but we don't have the money to run more than a few
>>>>>>>>>> months unless we work something out with Engine Yard (perhaps
>>>>>>>>>> go down to one slice). We highly recommend you start migrating
>>>>>>>>>> off as soon as possible. A more concrete end of service date
>>>>>>>>>> will be announced soon on our blog:
>>>>>>>>>> You have full access to your SVN repo and Trac instance in the
>>>>>>>>>> Admin under Export. If your repository is too big to export, we
>>>>>>>>>> can do the export for you and give you a link to download. Just
>>>>>>>>>> contact if that's the case. If worse comes
>>>>>>>>>> to worse and we do have to shut down before everybody is off,
>>>>>>>>>> we'll give plenty of warning and then provide downloadable
>>>>>>>>>> exports of everybody's projects linked in an email to the
>>>>>>>>>> project owner once the service is off.
>>>>>>>>>> This is the first time I've had to do anything like this, so
>>>>>>>>>> if you have any feedback on handling this in a better way, let
>>>>>>>>>> me know. I'd love to give a detailed explanation of what's
>>>>>>>>>> going on, but I think I'm going to hold off until the final day.
>>>>>>>>>> In short: the business never got the momentum I wanted to
>>>>>>>>>> sustain my personal interest, so while running at break-even
>>>>>>>>>> worked so-so for so long, it finally started dying and has been
>>>>>>>>>> losing money for a while. I started an effort to save it, but
>>>>>>>>>> I decided I did not want to continue supporting this type of
>>>>>>>>>> service, especially by myself.
>>>>>>>>>> So, sorry everybody! I would have liked this to be less of a
>>>>>>>>>> surprise than I'm sure it is for some of you. Yes, it certainly
>>>>>>>>>> could have been avoided if I better communicated with you guys
>>>>>>>>>> up to this point. But I want to thank you for using DevjaVu
>>>>>>>>>> while you did.
>>>>>>>>>> If you have questions or concerns, email me at
>>>>>>>>>> Jeff Lindsay
>>>>>>>>>> DevjaVu
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