Is Love Rational?

Sam Shpall (USYD)

Date: Tuesday, 18th of October
Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Venue: W6A 107, Macquarie University

ABSTRACT: The first aim of this talk is to more precisely conceptualise debates 
about the rational status of love. I discuss whether love is an emotion, a 
question about love's possible objects, and some general features of rational 
justifiability whose import here is sometimes ignored. I also provide a 
deflationary hypothesis about the roots of the dispute. The second aim is to 
support a version of the view that love is subject to rational evaluation. I 
discuss an objection based on "trading up" to new loves, as well as a worry 
about strange cases involving perfect duplicates of our beloveds. Time 
permitting, I complain that my childlessness puts me at an epistemic 
disadvantage, and frame some questions about illusions and love pills.

Contact: Adam Hochman (<>) 
or Mike Olson (<>)

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