You are invited to participate in the next session of the Logic and Religion 
Webinar Series which will be held on October 13, 2022, at 4pm CET with the 

Artificial Intelligence, Ethics, and Beliefs.
Speakers: Sara Lumbreras Sancho<> 
(Comillas Pontifical University, Spain) and Mark 
Graves<> (Center for Theology and 
Natural Science, USA).
Chair: Andrea Vestrucci 
<> (University of 
Bamberg, Germany, and Starr King School, USA)

Please register in advance!

Abstract: This webinar will explore the connections between Artificial 
Intelligence (AI), ethics, beliefs and spirituality. Sara Lumbreras will focus 
on the differences between human belief as described in the Creditions model 
proposed by Angel & Seiz, and current AI systems, rather than the ones 
anticipated by transhumanist authors such as Kurzweil. These differences lead 
to some AI models being more ethical than others and thus for an ethical basis 
to build a better AI. Mark Graves will explore his recent work on AI 
 and spirituality<>. He 
draws upon systems theory and Josiah Royce's pragmatic philosophy to describe a 
structure for AI models compatible with human moral psychology and spirituality.

Join us 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the session!

With best wishes,

Francisco de Assis Mariano
The University of Missouri-Columbia
LARA Secretary<>

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